Jul 30, 2014

West Walton Booster Elects New Officers

At a meeting Monday, the besieged West Walton Football and Cheerleading Club got a fresh start, electing eight new officers.

West Walton Booster Elects New Officers

After being beset by controversy since its president was arrested last year for financial misconduct, the West Walton Football and Cheerleading Booster Club took the first steps toward normalcy Monday, electing eight new officers.

"It was a very positive meeting and I'm excited about how it turned out," said Crystal Carter after being named vice president. "I'm really excited about Marla Peoples being elected as the new president. She will do an awesome job."

Carter was the only remaining officer of the club following the arrest last year of former president, Amber Dowell. Carter has fought to keep the club alive since then and it looks like her perseverence paid off.

The new officers elected are as follows:

President- Marla Peoples
Vice President- Crystal Carter
Secratary- Christy Bramblett
Treasurer- Deirdre Stephans
Four members at large-
Wendy Dipolito
Roxann Milam
Michelle Wingard
Jennifer Polk

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