Jul 28, 2014

Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna

Sometimes the most tedious part of dining out is figuring where to go and where not to go. Marietta Patch makes it easy. We scout out restaurants for you. This week: Blu Greek Taverna near the Square.

Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna Bites Nearby: Blu Greek Taverna

Slow: That is what comes to mind first when I think of my experience at .

Blu Greek Taverna is conveniently located just off Marietta Square. There is a friendly ambiance to the restaurant, and soft Greek music plays in the background. There is a very nice lounge area near the entrance.

Service: The service is friendly; however, it is incredibly slow. I should have known the service would be subpar when I walked in, as I had to wait 15 minutes for a worker to even realize I was there. The waitress was helpful in navigating the menu; however, she disappeared for long periods of time and did not check back after delivering my meal. There were very few people at Blu Greek when I was there.

Food: Kleftiko is lamb prime ribs slow-baked for hours with a lemon potato and mixed vegetables for $19. The meat was tender and fell off the bone. However, the seasoning was on the light side, leaving me to wonder where the flavor was. The potato had a burnt aftertaste, and the two slices of pineapple appeared to be from a can. The vegetable mix was a rather large serving. The vegetables were fresh and firm and had a lemon taste. Unfortunately, this was the best part of my meal. Overall the food was good but not great. There was nothing that had me sighing with a mmmmm.

Baklava is made of layers of phyllo pastry, filled with chopped nuts and topped with syrup. The dessert was dry and overly sweet. It was $8.

Bottom Line: I won't be going back to Blu Greek Taverna any time soon. The food was mediocre, and the service was painfully slow.

What do you think? Is Blu Greek Taverna a good dining choice? Did I go on an off night?

Location: 26 Mill St NE, Marietta, 30060
Phone: 770-429-4096
Hours: Daily 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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