Jul 30, 2014

'College Track' Runner Sprints Off with Man's Phone

Man robbed at gunpoint Tuesday evening in Atlanta's Central Park.

'College Track' Runner Sprints Off with Man's Phone
According to Atlanta police, a man was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday in Central Park by a suspect who claimed to be a member of the Georgia State University track team.

The male victim told police that he was charging his cell phone at an outlet within in the park, which is located just south of Midtown in the Old Fourth Ward at the intersections of Central Park Place, Pine Street, and Piedmont Avenue.

At approximately 6:45 p.m., the man said he was approached by the black male suspect, who inquired if the victim’s phone had a timer so as to time him during his “runs on the field.”

The suspect said his name was Mike and that he ran track for the downtown Atlanta university. After several minutes, "Mike" went back to the corner of Central Park Place and Linden Avenue where his vehicle was parked and returned wearing a sweatshirt.

At this time, "Mike" said to him, "do you want to do this easy way or hard way?" and lifted up his shirt to reveal a grey pistol in his pants. The victim gave him his phone and “Mike” took off toward his vehicle and left in an unknown direction.

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