23 Aug 2014
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Honeysuckle Gelato Wins DailyCandy Contest

Westside-based company get industry advice and mentorship to grow business.

Honeysuckle Gelato Wins DailyCandy Contest

Honeysuckle Gelato won the Food & Drink category of the Start Small, Go Big contest sponsored by trendsetting website and e-newsletter DailyCandy.

The westside-based sweets company was the only Georgia company selected from Georgia. Formed in 2011, Honeysuckle Gelato combines the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South.

The contest recognizes the most talented and creative up-and-comers in Fashion, Health & Beauty, Food & Drink, Home and Digital & Tech.

"As winners we get a feature on DailyCandy, a trip to New York City to attend their "Academy" where we will get industry advice and assigned mentors who are industry experts,"co-founder Wes Jones told East Atlanta Patch.

Jones, who is from Reynoldstown, and his two business partners, Khatera Ballard and Jackson Smith, wholesale their gelato creations to restaurants and specialty markets, cater weddings and special events and operate a food truck.

The three owners take great pride in making fun, creative flavors like Snacks on a Plane (biscoff gelato with peanuts and pretzels), Toasted Marshmallow and The Kang (their ode to Elvis - banana gelato with peanut butter caramel).

You can purcahse their creations by the pint at several locations, including the westside’s Toscano & Sons Italian Market, and by the scoop in numerous restaurants including Midtown’s Baraonda Ristorante & Bar and Publik.

"The mentors will be in place to help us grow our company," Jones said.

"The advice and exposure will help us properly introduce online sales. Additionally, the increased exposure to consumers should provide a big boost in both wholesale and retail sales for us."

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