Jul 26, 2014

Midtown Fight and Shooting Caught on Resident's Cell Phone Camera

A pack of partygoers fight after a club in Midtown closes for the night

Midtown Fight and Shooting Caught on Resident's Cell Phone Camera
WSB-TV posted late Saturday night a video received from an anonymous Midtown resident, who captured a ruckus fight and shooting outside of a club in the Midtown corridor.  

An APD Communications officer told Midtown Patch that there were not many details about the shooting that they can share.  They said that they believe it started due to, "an argument between a crew from Florida and a crew from New York."  APD says the argument and disturbance took place outside of the Aurum (on 8th Street) and at some point, a shot was fired from a moving vehicle."

According to the WSB article, "Atlanta police said one of their off-duty officers found himself in the middle of the commotion, trying to break up the fight." That officer can be seen holding an individual down and arresting him for, "disorderly conduct."

Officer Jones informed Patch that,  "no one was injured and the primary aggressors had fled the scene. The identity of the shooter is unknown."

This is not the first time that a fight and shooting occurred after the clubs in the area have closed.  A number of 8th Street residents told WSB that they are fed up with the near weekly incidents and commotion.  They want something to be done, but both the clubs and the valet service that has been accused of helping to start the commotion say that the incidents occur after they have closed and it is not something, "they have control over."

How long can incidents like this one on Saturday continue before a stray bullet flies through the window of a unsuspecting resident in the area or even worst someone is shot and killed?  That is the question that Midtown has for both the Atlanta police and the clubs that cater to these young late-night partygoers who conduct themselves like common thugs.

Share Your Opinion.  How Can the Streets of Midtown be Made Safer at Night After Certain Clubs Close?

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