19 Aug 2014
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Midtown Ponce Security Alliance Watchlist Highlights

The Midtown Ponce Security Alliance takes an in-depth look at the groups of criminals who have and continue to frequent in and around Midtown.

Midtown Ponce Security Alliance Watchlist Highlights
Editor's note: The following information was posted recently by the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance (MPSA). The MPSA has served the Midtown community since 2003 as a non-profit organization by coordinating neighborhood response to public safety and security issues in order to advance the Midtown way of life. The MPSA achieves this objective primarily by operating a neighborhood security patrol funded by its resident and business members, and community sponsors. See here for more information about becoming a member of the MPSA.

Highlights from our Watchlist (4/21/14)

1. TYWONG MCCOY ALERT – Psychopath Tywong McCoy, who served a prison sentence of several years after a pattern of stalking women in the neighborhood and exposing himself to them, has been prowling around the neighborhood lately. Police were notified of his presence twice in the last week, but unfortunately they had no cause to arrest him. We need to monitor this individual as we work to find some grounds to have him kept off the streets, and would like to know about sightings. We have posted mugshots below.

2. Kenneth Lamb – A psychopathic individual noted for menacing people in the community, previously served 20 years for rape, only to go on to a life of street drugs. He maxed out of prison on December 13, 2013 for a terroristic threats charge, and three days later he was booked into the Fulton County jail for a probation violation. He was released from jail and continued on probation in February. The sex offender registry shows him claiming a Sylvan Rd. address, but we still need to watch his case closely.

3. Will Gibson – Gibson was arrested in early February for possession of cocaine. Gibson has been living in the Ponce Hotel several years, and came to our attention when the patrol arrested him in 2010 for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute along with a known prostitute. He had previously served in prison for aggravated assault. He was released earlier this month on a pre-trial signature bond.

4. Christina Camarda – Another one from the Ponce Hotel was the subject of a drug arrest. Camarda has been in and out of the Ponce & Boulevard drug culture for several years, and has prior criminal history for drug offenses, prostitution, and theft. She has also served time in prison for use of stolen credit cards. She comes from a well-to-do family in Dunwoody, and her father was on the board of trustees for a Christian school in the Atlanta area.

5. Daniel Holt, who burglarized a house in 2011, maxed out of prison in early March. He has extensive criminal history, and we need to know about it if anyone sees him. Since his release from prison he has been arrested for criminal trespass, and looked very drugged out in his mugshot.

6. Antwan Manuel, among the trans prostitutes, was arrested on a probation violation. He has previous convictions for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property, and is currently charged with violating the terms of that sentence.

7. Tiffy – Tiffany Hendricks, known as Tiffy on the street, has reached his big 5-0 since we last reported him. He was booked into the Fulton County jail for the 51st time (this would be in addition to bookings in City jail!). He was picked up on March 8th for public indecency. Tiffy loiters obtrusively in the Piedmont & 3rd area when not in jail. His history consists mainly of petty offenses like Criminal Trespassing, though with all his priors for public indecency, he should be eligible for felony charges. He is also known to beg at the Publix and Walgreens at Piedmont & North.

8. Bobby James Perry – It has come to our attention that longtime street criminal Bobby James Perry has ​been ​aggressively hitting up on people for money at Ansley Mall. He has been on our watchlist since 2008 when he was aggressively panhandling and prowling around the neighborhood. When we finally identified him ​after ​a year, we found that he was a co-defendant with Timothy Kozak for a 2008 burglary in Virginia Highland. Kozak was one of the “Three Burglateers” arrested with the help of Sgt. Cooper, and was later tied to additional burglaries, including at least one with Perry. Perry has a long jail and prison history dating back to at least 1988.

Perry was released from prison last year, and immediately cropped up at Ponce & Boulevard. After someone reported him sleeping on the sidewalk in front of someone’s home, he was found to have a warrant from another county and stayed in jail there for a little while, but has since returned to the area. While his latest issues have been at Ansley Mall, he is known to prowl around all over the map. Many of us shop at Ansley, and should be aware of his presence there. If he hits up on you, report him to the manager or security officer of the store you are visiting. We urge people not to give to beggars, as this tends to perpetuate their presence. We have found a great many of these types to be lifelong criminals.

9. On a brighter note, one individual criminally active last year among the group of male prostitutes is now working at an area business and has hopefully left life on the streets behind. We’d sure love to see more of this kind of progress.

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