Jul 28, 2014

My Kingdom for a Porta Potty

Long bathroom lines frustrate Music Midtown fans

My Kingdom for a Porta Potty

Today’s Midtown Patch Picture of the Day is something you might have seen this past weekend during Music Midtown at Piedmont Park. Or maybe even did it yourself!

The “general” consensus from Music Midtown 2012 was that the entertainment was a hit, but long lines for food, drinks and the ATM were the pits.

And the wait to use the Porta Potties, well, they just flat out stunk.

Communications to Midtown Patch, as well as those commenting on online message boards, were mostly in agreement that the event’s promoters, Live Nation, neglected to provide enough portable bathroom facilities. At least not for the 50,000-plus people who wedged into the park’s meadow on Saturday.

Festival-goers are mostly OK with waiting 15 minutes to relieve themselves, but 30-45 minutes? That’s when frustrations rise and tempers flare. Or really, that’s when guys start peeing in the bushes, which was a common site during the festival.

So Live Nation, if there’s one thing to improve upon next year it’s this: make sure there’s enough toilets. And a full supply of sanitizer would be nice, too.

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