15 Sep 2014
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Overhead Utility Lines Burial Continues in Midtown

A public space projects update courtesy of Midtown Alliance.

Overhead Utility Lines Burial Continues in Midtown
Editor's Note: Midtown Alliance is a non-profit membership organization and a coalition of leading business and community leaders – united in its commitment to Midtown as a premiere destination for commerce, culture, education and living. Governed by a 71-member board of the district's top private sector leaders, its mission is to improve and sustain the quality of life for those who live, work and play here. It has a master plan – Blueprint Midtown – and in partnership with the Midtown Improvement District, Midtown Alliance provides a construction update on its current Public Space Projects each month. Courtesy of Midtown Alliance, here is the May update posted this week.


10th Streetscape - This project includes installation of new sidewalks, street trees, pedestrian lighting, landscaped medians, curbs, street paving, bike facilities and ADA upgrades between Williams Street and Piedmont Avenue. Other improvements include a new signalized mid-block pedestrian crossing at the Midtown MARTA Station and burial of select overhead utilities. Contractors and utility companies are currently working behind the scenes to bury overhead utility lines and install street lights between Peachtree and Juniper Streets.

South Midtown Pedestrian and Circulation Improvements - This $4 million effort provides a wide range of improvements along North Avenue and Ponce de Leon Avenue including circulation improvements, select utility burials, streetscape upgrades, installation of key "gateway" features and creation of new public spaces such as Ponce Triangle near the Fox Theater. Colored thermoplastic crosswalks were installed at Peachtree intersections with Ponce and North. Contractors are now completing final punch list items.

Peachtree Streetscape: Southern End - This project began in May 2013 to extend the Peachtree Streetscape "pallette" to the southern end of Midtown. Blocks between 3rd and Pine Streets will be upgraded with new bike facilities, sidewalks, pavers, curbing, trees, and pedestrian lights as needed.  Select portions of overhead utility lines will also be relocated underground. Final utility work is underway from 3rd Street to Ponce de Leon Ave. Design is underway for the next phase of improvements from Ponce to Pine Street.

Peachtree Streetscape: Northern End - Now in its final phases, this project extends Peachtree "streetscaping" to the northern end of Midtown between Peachtree Circle and the I-85 Bridge. Final punch list items and utility coordination are underway.

Peachtree Overhead Utility Burial - In anticipation of the 2013 Children's Healthcare of Atlanta parade and future events in Midtown, we spearheaded efforts to bury all currently-overhead utility lines crossing Peachtree Street. Our team completed work at 5th and 14th Streets and will work at 8th and 16th Streets over the next few months.

Pershing Point Park Renovation - The greenspace at the junction of Peachtree and West Peachtree Streets is undergoing a makeover. Work includes restoration of the historic World War I monument, landscape and hardscape beautification, and better lighting for safety. Improvements began in early 2013 with tree pruning/removal and repairs to lighting and irrigation. The WWI monument has been fully re-built and re-installed. Walkway repairs and installation of new lighting are underway, with planting enhancements to follow.

Tree Well Fencing and Planting - Midtown's Tree Well Adoption Program began in 2013 with 150 tree wells adopted to-date and counting! New tree well fencing has been installed along much of Peachtree Street from 5th to 12th Street, and partners have been installing low-water use perennials and flowers throughout Spring 2014. Look for more fencing and beautiful new plants on the northern segment of Peachtree Street in Summer 2014.


District-wide Tree Replacement Program - In conjunction with our seasonal effort to identify diseased, dying and missing street trees and replace them with new, healthy, urban-tolerant street trees, 48 new street trees were planted throughout the Midtown Improvement District right-of-way in Spring 2014.

Summer Landscape Installation - Replacement of damaged or dead shrubs and perennials throughout the Midtown Improvement District rights-of-way is an ongoing process. Beautiful warm season annuals were recently planted along streets, in medians, and in parks and plazas in late Spring 2014.

Rockspinner and Pocket Park (at 10th/Peachtree) - Through a collaboration with Dewberry Capital, we created a temporary “pocket park” at the corner of 10th and Peachtree Streets in 2013. The park includes a multi-use lawn, seasonal badminton net, seating areas, pedestrian paths, and water-wise plantings designed in partnership with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. In November 2013, Rockspinner, a large piece of kinetic art (a 22,000 pound boulder) was installed in the park. Last month crews completed installation and power service to uplights around Rockspinner, and the turf will be revitalized over the next few weeks.

Bicycle Racks - The first installation of 30 new Midtown's "branded" bike racks was completed in September, 2013. More bike racks will be installed in late 2014.

10th Street Cycle Track - Successful completion of the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail increased the already-high demand for bicycle facilities in Midtown. As a result, we partnered with the City of Atlanta and the PATH Foundation to implement Phase 1 of a dedicated two-way "cycle track" on 10th Street along Piedmont Park, between Monroe Drive and Charles Allen Drive. The facility connects cyclists between Midtown's core and the BeltLine, and anticipates future cycle routes on Juniper Street and Piedmont Ave. Phase 2 of the Cycle Track will be constructed in mid-2014.

Our ongoing projects help keep Midtown safe, improve accessibility, and enhance our livability. Contact us with questions or concerns about these projects and construction updates.

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