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Trial of Nyquarious Edwards - Midtown Carjacking Caught on Surveillance

Trial of Nyquarious Edwards - Midtown Carjacking Caught on Surveillance

The message is clear from Midtown: Commit Crime; Serve Time.

Update to Midtown carjacking caught on surveillance video October 7, 2013 covered by Midtown Patch

Nyquarious Edwards case was heard April 22, 2014 in the courtroom of the Honorable Ural Glanville in Fulton County, Georgia. Nyquarious first entered a guilty plea, then retracted that and wanted a jury trial.  He then changed his mind again to enter a plea.  It was said that due to the clarity of the surveillance video that captured the entire armed carjacking/home invasion and his confession to reporter Ryan Young of WSB-TV Atlanta Channel 2 News that he wished to make a plea.

The Defendants plea was guilty to 5 felony counts including hijacking automobile, use of a firearm in the commission of a crime and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was sentenced to a total of 28 years of which he must serve 18, 10 years on probation, making restitution, being banished from the city of Atlanta and forbidden to ever make any contact with the victims.

I was ask if I would like to say anything and I took the opportunity to give an impact statement of how this crime affected me and changed my life.  Between my statement and the words of the Honorable Ural Glanville, the following is the message:

Your Honor, I would like to qualify for the record that the amount of damages totaled closer to $71,000 and not the $7,100 that was stated earlier by the Assistant District Attorney, George Jenkins.  I am aware that if restitution is granted that the longer time that Nyquarious serves will delay the beginning of any repayment. I have no issue with that.

In my opinion, time is much more valuable than money.  I ask of you to not be lenient with the sentence given the defendant.  My reason for this is that when Nyquarious has served his sentence, he is done with this whole ordeal and it is no longer a part of his life.  Whereas I, your Honor, have this with me the rest of my life until the day I die.

The anxiety I feel every Monday evening retrieving the trash cans from the street.  The questions running through my mind, such as did I lock the door?  Is it too late for a walk?  Who is that over there? What was that noise?  Is it too late or early to take the dog out.  These things are now a part of my routine and I am not nearly as comfortable in my surroundings as I once was.  My life is forever changed and so are the lives of my neighbors knowing that this happened so close to home, their home.

Home is not a place… it’s a feeling. One’s home is their place of comfort, their protection from the outside world and elements and to some their castle. When that zone is invaded it destroys the comfort feeling of home.  I hope over time my feeling of security and protection will return.  Trust, faith, will and of course time are all needed.  Those are the things that bring about change.  I ask of you, your Honor to give Nyquarious ample time to reflect upon his actions and in turn this will provide me peace of mind and the time in which to heal.

All of this for a joyride in a man’s Mercedes.  Nyquarious would have been much better off staying in school and finishing his education.  He was educated as he made it to the 12th grade.  He knew the difference between right and wrong.  He never thought of how the victims would be affected, or the neighbors or anything else for that matter.

Judge Glanville added that any sentence given is up to him to determine as the defendant has given up his right to appeal by his confession.  Judge Glanville stated the reasons for confinement are for punishment of the party committing the crime, giving a sense of retribution to the victim and to send a message to the community as a reminder that if they should commit a similar crime, this is what they could face.

The message is clear from Midtown: Commit Crime; Serve Time.

Both Mr. Edmonds and the defendant are distinctly changed forever by this ordeal.  Both are aware that neither side pronounced a victory nor a defeat.  The fact is everyone lost that day including the taxpayers that have to pay for the defendant’s stay in the correctional system.  Nyquarious can think about all of this over the next 18 years of his life; the same amount of time he has been on this earth.

I appreciate the professionalism and tireless commitment of the City of Atlanta Police Zone 5, Lieutenant Jeff Cantin, Investigator Yacuone and a special thank you to all of the news media that covered this story.

Brad Edmonds


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