Jul 29, 2014

Would You Welcome an Atlantic Station Apple Store?

As a social media and interactive conference comes to a close Friday, representatives from Atlantic Station ask what kind of retailer would you like to see open for business at the Midtown mixed-use development?

Would You Welcome an Atlantic Station Apple Store?

The weeklong  Digital Atlanta 2012, the Southeast's leading social media and interactive conference, is set to conclude Friday as Atlantic Station has served as the primary venue for all workshops and events this week.

Digital Atlanta is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organization founded to connect metro Atlanta residents and businesses with experts in social media, interactive and emerging digital technologies in an educational and socially engaging environment.

Now in its third year, the conference has been a series of workshops, lectures, networking, and social events that brought together entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, solution providers and executives to discuss digital innovations, explore opportunities in the digital space and highlight how Atlanta is leading the charge in many of these areas.

Since this past Monday, digital enthusiasts at all levels have been discussing topics spanning everything from social media, entertainment, small business, nonprofits, sustainability, education, and real estate to technology and startups.

One of the closing seminars Friday discussed “Tactics for Managing the Real Work of Content Marketing” including: 

1. Understand the Real Work of Content Marketing 

2. Know How to Put Content into Action

3. Develop Best Practice for Managing the Work of Creating & Organizing Content 

And one interesting nugget from this week’s conference bouncing around in the social media world again is the notion of an Apple Store someday opening in Atlantic Station.

The Lenox Mall Apple Store opened in 2002 and stores from the electronics giant earn some of the best sales per square foot of any retail business across the globe.

So what do you think, is an Atlantic Station Apple Store a good idea?

And as Atlantic Station Community Manager Caleb Spivak asks at the conclusion of this sneak peek video look inside one of the mixed-use developments newest retailers, Rhinoceros Boutique, if you could pick one new retailer at Atlantic Station, what would it be?

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