22 Aug 2014
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Woman Arrested for Alleged Robbery in Norcross Area

Inside the Police Reports: The woman was still hanging around the incident location when police arrived.

Woman Arrested for Alleged Robbery in Norcross Area

Gwinnett Police arrested a woman last month for allegedly robbing a man at a Motel 6 in unincorporated Norcross.

According to the police report, the victim, a 44-year-old Locust Grove man, was in his room when he heard a knock at the door around 11:30 p.m. on a Friday.

As soon as he opened the door, he was immediately pushed against the wall and a woman ran in the room. He told police that she took $40 that was sitting on a table, and she abruptly ran out. She never said a word to him, but she headed left to meet with a man and they ran off somewhere.

Even though the incident was over in a split second and the victim claimed he never saw the woman before, the man was able to give a detailed description of her, including how she had a distinct scar on her face. He wasn't able to give a description of the man, though.

While the victim spoke with police, he pointed to a woman about 100 feet away and shouted, "That's her!"

The woman perfectly matched the description given by the victim, and she was handcuffed.

The 27-year-old Lawrenceville woman first told police that she never went anywhere near the victim's room and she had no idea why he was saying that she took his money. When asked where she was during the incident, she said that she was with a man named Johnny in another room, where she also claimed to live.

The officer went to the room and a man named John answered. He said he knew the woman and that she kept some of her stuff with him, but she didn't live with him. He also told police that she had not been with him for the past several hours.

When the officer asked if there was any way the situation was a misunderstanding, she replied that she could only tell the truth. She again claimed that she did not take any money from the man and she had no idea why he was saying so.

The woman was arrested and transported to the Gwinnett County jail. On the way there, she said that she had rights, too, and that her life should not be ruined over $20.

She elaborated and said that she didn't take any money, but if she did, it was not fair to go to jail for a long time for only $20.

The officer corrected her with the right dollar amount of $40, to which she replied with, "Oh, well, that's a lot of money." The woman also kept talking about how she couldn't pay her daily fee and she was in desperate need of money.

She was charged with robbery by force and burglary.

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