Jul 28, 2014
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Docs: Kell Teacher Had History of Misconduct

The recent incidents that led to the firing and arrest of James Chadwick Brigham were the latest in a litany of inappropriate conduct, documents reveal.

Docs: Kell Teacher Had History of Misconduct

The teacher who was was not a stranger to improper behavioir, according to documents acquired by the Marietta Daily Journal.

According to James Chadwick Brigham's discipline file, he was previously suspended for seven days for calling a student's boyfriend a, "sheet head" and commented on the size of the private parts of a nude fresco. Additionally, Brigham made comments to students who were fired by a Dunkin Donuts about "fooling around in the back" of the store.

The fallout from the teacher's misconduct has been felt throughought Kell High School; . Kell High School Counselor Peggy Jerden also resigned last month, according to the MDJ.

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