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Drug Treatment that Works | Affordable Drug Treatment

Success Stories of a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Faith based stories of a recovering drug addict.

New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center is a 4 tier drug and alcohol treatment center based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are a partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and individual drug and alcohol counseling program focused on results based treatment for the person who suffers from a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease of addiction. We can’t guarantee a person’s long term sobriety, but we do guarantee that we will put a person on the right path to a happy destiny or not give up on them until they find that path and follow it by offering affordable drug and alcohol treatment. We didn’t want to bore you with the same articles you see all the time from most drug treatment facilities, because our proof is in the pudding. We decided to relay these stories from some people who we had the pleasure of setting on the right path and allow you to make a decision yourself.

My name is Seth, I am 22 years old and I’m from Wisconsin. I have been using drugs and alcohol since I was 12 or 13 and never thought I had a problem, until I discovered crystal meth… I was over a friend’s house the first time I tried it and I was instantly hooked. I was really only into pot and alcohol before this and dabbled in a little bit of everything, but for the most part I was experimenting. I didn’t start doing meth every day, until I was introduced to the main dealer and I thought he was pretty cool, because he would give me free stuff all the time. It wasn’t much, but it was free until I developed a habit, that’s when he hit me with, “I have to start charging you from now on.” I came from a family of meager means and they couldn’t afford my habit so I stole from mom’s purse and sold dads tools, until one day I found myself Figuratively sleeping under a bridge. I remember my mother tried to admit me into drug treatment when I was 16 because I had been smoking pot, but after the meth came around she didn’t want any part of me. I sold her wedding ring, her Tiffany charm bracelet and many other things in the course of about a year and a half – two years. Towards the end of my run, I remember feeling empty inside, practically dead enough not to feel regret, remorse, or sadness. I only wanted more drugs and anything else that could deliver me from having to feel the pain growing deep inside me.

I had pitched a camp underneath this old bridge outside of Campbellsport Wisconsin and I thought that there was no hope left and I would probably die there from a drug overdose or suicide. One day my mother showed up with a stranger I had never met before; turns out he was an interventionist, but I didn’t find that out until they had brought me back to the house to eat. It turns out that my mother had found a treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida called “New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center”. I was actually really surprised, because my family didn’t have a lot of money at all and I figured that they would never get me drug treatment, but it turns out that this place had a lot of experience helping drug addicts recover and they were willing to give my mother and father a payment plan that my mamma could adhere too. I really don’t know how they afforded it because I am still paying it back as per my father’s request when I made amends to them on my eighth step. Today I live in Florida drug and alcohol free one day at a time and I have 1 year clean from drugs and alcohol. I had to deal with a lot of feelings and emotions when I first got clean, but the payoff was the time I had acquired while going through these feelings. I started to realize as the time grew that I didn’t ever have to go back to that lifestyle of robbing, cheating, stealing, and hurting people anymore if I followed a few simple directions. Today I thank God that I am still alive and that I am able to make up for what I did to my parents by staying clean one day at a time.

My name is Patricia; I am 29 years old from Asbury Park, New Jersey. I was heavily addicted to Heroin for 6 years with no hope in site of ever ending my madness. I remember being sick one day and looking at my phone browsing the web on my way to Paterson, New Jersey and I had seen an article by what I have come to know as New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center and they were offering a scholarship to go to treatment. I believe I found it on Patch.com, but can’t be sure as it was 8 months ago… I gave the number a call and a man by the name of Tom answered the phone and we started talking, a convo that lasted for about an hour. I was surprised because I had told them from the beginning that I was on my way to cop and I had no insurance. This wasn’t my first “go-around” and I figured there would be a catch, but Tom responded that he is paid by the hour and his job was specifically to talk to me, whatever the circumstance. I was extremely surprised with the way this rehab handled the call. I  could have kept talking for hours, but my stop was coming up. I had given Tom my number to call me back and let me know if he could help me. I received a call the next day from Tom who was frantic asking me, “are you OK?” over and over again. He said he had been calling me since 8am, I responded dope heads don’t get up that early and he chuckled. He told me that if I could get a plane ticket I could receive a scholarship into their drug treatment program. I went to my mom’s house asking for money and she flipped out as always, but then I told her it was for drug treatment. She paused with this weird look on her face almost like a mixture of skeptical and hopeful at the same time. I told her that all she needed to do was by the plane ticket and she didn’t have to give me any money. She said she wanted to speak with the drug treatment center first. I believe she then spoke with the owner Peter, who said that this was real and I was welcome to come down. My mother hung up the phone with tears in her eyes and she got right on the computer and bought the ticket for me to fly out that Sunday which was the following day. I grabbed my bags with the desire to start over and never looked back. I now have 8 months and 9 days clean and sober and wouldn’t change it for the world. I haven’t had this much clean time since I first started using when I was a kid living in Middletown, New Jersey. I am on my 9th step and my mother’s coming to visit me next week so I am saving my amends for her. I really Thank-you so much for all your help and support.

These letters are written by people who have really experienced what our drug and alcohol treatment program has to offer and they have not been altered to correct punctuation to preserve the integrity and reality of these two dire situations these people were in before they came to our program. Our program does not only work,  but it creates miracles everyday with each one of the clients that walk through our doors. We strive  to restore life back into the hopeless, lost and unfortunate souls who suffer from active addiction or alcoholism and push them towards achieving what they may feel is impossible when they walk through our doors, but realize is achievable when they see others right next to them with the hope and willingness to succeed.

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