23 Aug 2014
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Faith 'Roboeagles' Start Fitness Trend

Students at the Cobb County Faith Lutheran School have developed a physical workout for all ages for their First LEGO League project.

Faith Lutheran School has a second-year First LEGO League (FLL) team called the ROBOEAGLES. The children have been working on their 2012-2013 project for competition.

FLL has challenged the students to find a senior mentor and solve a real life problem that effects seniors everywhere. The children found an amazing asset in Marci Kalember, a Cobb realtor and senior. Together they talked about aging and how life changes.

Marci has had an amazing life and what the children took away from their meetings with her was that physical health is extremely important to living the life you want at any age.

The team was so excited about this concept they met with Rayna Jobe, MD, family practitioner, Dr. Laurelyn Barnett of Chiropractic at the Lighthouse and their own Mr. Timothy Vogel, a Faith physical education teacher, to learn how they could help everyone stay fit.

The result is a physical workout for all ages developed by the children and approved by the experts with a few tweaks from Vogel. What is so exciting about this project is the kids were able to get the entire school to help them film a YouTube video.

They have about 250 hits to the site and are looking to grow that number. Please support these young scientists by checking out their solution “Mobility for Life” to the FLL Senior Solutions Project 2012.

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