Jul 30, 2014

Weird Police News: Cold Pills and Lasers ...

More of the strange stuff police officers around North Georgia were up against recently.

Weird Police News: Cold Pills and Lasers ...

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High on cold pills: A Sugar Hill man was found in a disoriented state and walking around the parking lot of a Buford-area Target store. he told police. Apparently, the man was “robo-ing,” the slang for taking large quantities of over-the-counter cold medicine to get high.

‘Please and thank you,’ says robber: An armed robbery suspect at least was polite when he tried to rob a Norcross-area check-cashing business of $300. He handed an employee a note that read, "I would like to withdraw $300 from your register." . However, the suspect became nervous and fled before getting any cash. He was found later with several similar notes up his sleeve — "I need about $20,000 please & thank you," "I need $20,000, would be appreciated, thank you," and "Need a key to a car that would be appreciated."

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Rob-you.com? A Villa Rica man, hoping to find a dating match he contacted via an Internet website ( www.pof.com), instead met an armed robber near a Duluth condominium complex. The object of his affection was one of two accomplices. The woman set up the rendezvous near the dumpsters at the rear of the complex. The victim handed over his wallet and $100 in cash to the robber, but the three suspects were later found at one of the condos and arrested.

Angry man with a gun: Three plain-clothed cops arrested a Lawrenceville man who had pointed a gun at the officers, apparently thinking they were up to no good. The police officers were in the neighborhood looking to speak to a resident for an undisclosed reason, but left when the person wasn’t home. When they returned to their vehicle, they noticed a red laser being pointed at the car from up the hill, where they found an angry man with a gun equipped with a laser sight. The man told the officers he thought they were going to break into the house. The cops asked why, then, did he point the gun as they were leaving?

Police chase doughnut truck: In a scene that might be worthy of a low-budget comedy flick, a Lawrenceville man took police on a freeway chase while driving a stolen doughnut delivery truck. He stole a Krispy Kreme truck in the Dacula area and took off south down Ga. 316 and I-85 before exiting the highway and crashing the truck into a tree. The suspect fled on foot, but was taken down by a K-9 bite. No word on whether the guy was easier for the dog to track because of the smell of doughnuts. DUI was one of many charges the suspect faced.

Do they get paid enough for this? A loss-prevention job at a retail store has to be a tough gig. Catch a thief and be certain you won’t be greeted with a smile. An employee of a Target in Lithonia got into a scuffle with a teenage girl who was seen on surveillance video stuffing cell phones into a purse. When the employee tried to take the girl into custody, "the suspect became very aggressive and a fight ensued," according to the police report.

Drive-through thievery: As reported in Oconee Patch, “Leaving a tip isn't mandatory, but stealing one is downright criminal.” Two men in a red Jeep stole the tip jar from the drive-through window at an Oconee County Starbucks, taking an unknown amount of cash.

Not a good excuse: Sandy Springs Police stopped a woman who was driving a car that had a stolen license plate. The woman said .


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