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Crime Report: ID Theft Discovered on Tax Day and SUV Break-ins

The following information was gathered from Oconee County Sheriff's Office reports and highlights incidents reported April 13-17.

Crime Report: ID Theft Discovered on Tax Day and SUV Break-ins

Identity Theft: Tax Day proved to be especially frustrating for an Oconee County woman.  She told deputies on April 17 she attempted to file tax documents with a tax preparer but the documents were rejected by the IRS because someone else had already used her social security number to file papers.  She said her tax preparer was able to determine the papers had been filed online from the Miami, Florida area.  The victim was instructed to follow up with the IRS and contact the credit bureaus.

School Bus Bully:  A juvenile reported another juvenile grabbed his head and pushed it into the seat of a school bus on Tuesday afternoon.  The victim said the other boy had also insulted him.

Theft: The landlord of a Sourwood Court residence reported the theft of a washing machine from the rental property.  The victim told deputies on April 17 he suspects the former tenant, who had not been paying rent, removed the Whirlpool washer, valued at $200, sometime between 3- 4 p.m. on April 15 as the tenant was moving out.

Marijuana Possession: While on patrol on Malcom Bridge Road around 2:45 a.m. on April 17, a deputy saw a vehicle driving from the front of the toward the exit.  He noticed the car did not have a tag, so he initiated a traffic stop.

The deputy said he could "smell the odor of green marijuana distinctly" when he reached the driver's side door. The driver said he and the passenger were delivering papers and the deputy noticed there was a large stack of papers in the backseat.  The passenger said the car was new and belonged to her mother who had not yet purchased a tag. Neither said they were aware of any marijuana in the vehicle, but the driver said the owner's husbands friends had driven it previously. 

They consented to a search, and the deputy found a small, black bag under the passenger's seat containing another bag with suspected marijuana, a scale with marijuana residue, two packs of rolling papers for cigarettes and a roller.  Also found on the passenger's floorboard was a rolled cigarette with suspected marijuana. The owner of the vehicle arrived on the scene and said she didn't know anything about the marijuana.

The 21-year-old male driver and the 19-year-old female passenger, both of Madison, were charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Criminal Trespass: A resident in the 1000 block of Waverly Meadow Drive told deputies on April 16 she believes someone has been entering her house because, on at least two occasions, she has found two double deadbolt door locks open. Other residents confirmed they did not leave the doors unlocked. She requested extra patrols in the area.

Vehicle break-ins: Someone entered a 2005 gray Ford Freestyle that was parked in front of 's pool sometime between 4:22 and 4:45 p.m. on April 16.  A purse, wallet, makeup bag, $2 in cash, credit cards, a checkbook and driver's license valued at $60, collectively, were taken. The passenger's side front door window was broken.

A 2007 gray Chevy Tahoe also had its passenger's side window broken during the same time while parked at the same location.  A Louis Vuitton purse and wallet, $80 in cash, a checkbook and personal income tax documents were taken.  The items were valued at about $1,500.

Car Damaged:  The owner of a 2001 Ford Focus reported sometime between 1 a.m .and 5 p.m. on April 14, someone broke the driver's side door handle and the door can no longer be opened. It reportedly happened while the car was parked at a 1000 block Hancock Court location.

Shoplifting Attempt: loss prevention officers reported a man tried to leave the store with a home theater system worth about $300 on April 16.  The suspect apparently was aware he was being followed and left the shopping cart and system at the entrance and exited the store before he could be taken into custody.

Shoplifting: A 26-year-old Athens woman was arrested and charged with shoplifting after Walmart loss prevention officers said she tried to steal $79 worth of merchandise on April 16.

: The 64-year-old Bishop resident was tased and taken into custody after a domestic dispute escalated Sunday, according to reports.

Mailbox Damaged: A resident of a 3200 block home on Colham Ferry reported her mailbox had been damaged sometime between 4 p.m. on April 12 and 11 a.m. on April 15.  Cost of replacement is $200.

Burglary: A laptop computer and X-Box were reportedly taken from a 4500 block Mars Hill Road residence sometime between 12:30 p.m and 4 p.m. on April 15.

Disgruntled Former Employee: On April 15, an Oconee County woman inquired about obtaining a temporary protective order against a former employee who the victim said had been sending her threatening text messages.  The victim also said she was confronted by the suspect in Walmart the night before and bumped her and struck her, causing her to fall. 

Shoplifting: A 31-year-old Athens woman was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting after Walmart loss prevention officers said they caught her concealing children's clothing and makeup in her purse, collectively valued at $55.

Child Molestation Report: Deputies were called to meet with a forensic interviewer at the about a child molestation case involving three young girls.  No other details were released in the report.

Shoplifting Attempt: Walmart loss prevention officers say on April 14, two women attempted to push a shopping cart out of the store without paying for the $311 worth of merchandise inside. They reportedly forced their way out of the store and drove away in a black BMW 325.  The shopping cart and merchandise were recovered.

Salon Manager Tells Deputies She Suspects Employee Stole From Customers: The employee of Great Clips allegedly made 104 unauthorized transactions in small increments using customers' credit cards over the last several months, according to the manager's internal investigation.


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