Jul 30, 2014

Watkinsville Man Charged with Threatening Police Officers

Authorities allege Bryan Adrian Cole made the threats during back-to-back calls to 911 last week.

Watkinsville Man Charged with Threatening Police Officers

A Watkinsville man was charged with terroristic threats and acts after authorities say he called 911 June 26 and made multiple threats against police officers.

According to an incident report on file at the , "the caller was irate yelling towards the dispatchers saying he wanted to kill everyone at the Clarke County Police Department because he did not know where his wallet was."

Based off of information reportedly obtained from the caller, dispatch told deputies the man was calling from a cell phone while walking along US Highway 441 in the area of the Crystal Hils subdivision.

Deputies found the man around 9 a.m. in front of Wild Azalea Lane holding boxed wine and talking on the phone "yelling about his situation with Clarke County in a manner that was hard to comprehend."  According to the report, the man told them he did not threaten anyone and agreed to let the deputies look at his phone.  There was a record of the man calling 911 eight times, deputies said, and they checked with dispatch and the calls had been recorded.

Deputies poured out the wine and told the man it was against the law for him to have it in the street but did not charge him with open container.  However,  Bryan Adrian Cole, 30,  was charged with terroristic threats and acts, a felony, and unlawful conduct during a 911 call, a misdemeanor. As of July 2,  a bond had been set at $7,500, but Cole remained in jail.

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