Jul 28, 2014

Falcons Win 1st Playoff in 8 Years

It turned out to be a nail-biting finish. Did you watch? What did you think of the game.

Falcons Win 1st Playoff in 8 Years Falcons Win 1st Playoff in 8 Years

It was a "game for the ages" one TV commentator remarked after the Falcons beat the Seattle Seahawks Sunday night with just eight seconds left on the clock.

I've watched a lot of games that came down to seconds before the winner was decided. I have to admit I had my doubts that the Falcons could pull this one off.

If you're a long-time football fan, you may have remembered other seemingly impossible wins such as the Boston College win over Univ. of Miami in 1984 when Doug Flutie threw a Hail Mary pass to win with only seconds left.

FOX Sports writer Kevin Hench claimed it was among the most memorable moments in sports.

After Atlanta led 27-7 at the end of the third quarter, the Seahawks scored 21 points in the fourth and those of us watching saw the Falcons chance to win slipping away.

It came down to a game of seconds - and the Falcons managed to get in field goal range to put the game-winning three points on the board for a nail-biting finish.

So what do you think? Was the Falcons 30-28 win one for the ages? Tell us in comments.

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