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Q&A With Peachtree Corners City Council Candidate Gray Terry

Post 5 City Council candidate Gray Terry answers questions posted by Peachtree Corners Patch.

Q&A With Peachtree Corners City Council Candidate Gray Terry


Peachtree Corners Patch asked the 20 candidates for the six council seats on the new Peachtree Corners City Council a series of questions relating to city government for the upcoming Municipal Election on March 6, 2012.

Each of the candidates were asked the same set of questions. The last question we posed was to ask each candidate ask and answer his or her own question and provide the answer.

Here Patch introduces Gray Terry, one of three candidates seeking to fill the council seat for Post 5.

Name: E. Grady (Gray) Terry (Ballot name is Gray Terry), age 52

Lived in Peachtree Corners: 22 years

Educational background: BS Business Administration, University of Alabama MBA, Samford University Paralegal Certification, Emory University Continuing Studies Division Certified Mediator/Arbitrator State of Georgia Office Dispute Resolution

Family: Married to the former Sharon Ann Harwell, 29 yrs. (22 yr. Gwinnett County School Teacher and has taught at Simpson Elementary since its opening 1993). Three sons:Trey Terry, 24 (Georgia Tech Graduate);Alan Terry, 22 (University of Georgia, Senior); Drew Terry,20 (Perimeter College, Sophomore)

Military background:   N/A. However, my father is a retired Lt. Colonel and served in WWII and Korean War.

Occupation: Business Analyst and Privacy Compliance Officer, Philips Healthcare. Certified Mediator/Arbitrator State of Georgia, primarily work within the Gwinnett County Court System.

What experience in your background do you think has best prepared you for serving on the Peachtree Corners City Council?  

Primarily two areas of expertise: 1). Prior VP-Governmental Banking. In this role, worked as a Financial Analyst for Governmental Agencies within the State of Georgia. 2). Mediator Experience..In this role, seek out opportunities to negotiate and empower corporations and individuals to resolve issues...(Problem Solver) 3). Compliance Officer-Experience in the role of protecting Individual Privacy Rights.

Tell Peachtree Corners readers about your vision for the new city and how you would accomplish it?  

My vision for the City is simple, for Peachtree Corners to be the premier Suburban City in the Atlanta metro area. A City where citizens and families can proudly call their Home, Work and Play Community. This can be accomplished in the following manner:  

  1. Manage the efficiencies of scale regarding the City Budget, by controlling cost and limiting overhead expenses. 
  2. Initiate and Execute the infrastructure for the city and once implemented, have measurements in place to monitor the progress.  
  3. Negotiate the Shared Delivery Service Contracts that will be necessary to deliver services to the City.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing Peachtree Corners, and how would you approach it?  

I believe the "Trash Delivery Service" will be the most challenging. There will be a timing issue to work with the County regarding Property Tax allocating to Waste Management and the City Commencement of Trash Service. Also, once elected the City Council should meet with representatives of the County Business Division and perform a "lessons learned" from the County's experience on the RFP and Legal issues that occurred during the Trash Dispute. (Don't repeat mistakes)    

 If I live in one District/Post (1,2, or 3) can I also vote for the At-Large Candidates in District/Post (4, 5 and 6).  

The answer is Yes...You will vote for the Councilperson within your district and in addition vote for the At Large Councilpersons in Post 4, Post 5 and Post 6. 

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