Jul 28, 2014

New City Hall Shaping Up

There's still much to be done at the city's new headquarters before it opens this fall.

New City Hall Shaping Up New City Hall Shaping Up New City Hall Shaping Up New City Hall Shaping Up New City Hall Shaping Up New City Hall Shaping Up

There is a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new blinds have been installed on the office space that will serve as the Peachtree Corners City Hall.

But there's still plenty of work to be done, acknowledged Council members Lorri Christopher and Jeanne Aulbach. The two have been tasked with handling some of the details in getting the City Hall doors ready to open.

"We're working on getting carpeting selected," said Christopher. "As soon as we get the carpet, it can be installed in a day or two."

After the carpeting arrives and installed the next project will be getting the office equipment and furniture.

The 8,000 square-foot space is larger than the city needs, acknowledged Aulbach, but it turned out to be more economical than the other smaller space office buildings that was available for lease but were going to require major renovations to accomodate the city's needs.

"It's larger in square feet than we need, but costs less because there is very little build-out needed," Aulbach explained. "We won't out grow this space for a very long time."

The minor alterations to the building includes adding a customer service window and a few security doors.

At the center of the building is a large space which is surrounded by offices. The central area measures about 52 by 52 feet and will be outfitted as a work station, said Christopher. There are numerous offices that ring the space but Christopher added that not all of the offices will be furnished. "We won't furnish every space," she added.

What will be furnished is a 66-by-32-foot room which will be used as a community meeting room and where the City Council meetings will be held. "It will accomodate at least 100 people," said Christopher. There is direct access to the community room from an outside door for those attending the meetings to use.

There is also a smaller room which is approximately 21 by 22 feet which will be used for the City Council's work sessions. This space also has a separate door that leads to the outside so that residents may attend those meetings as well.

The City Hall building sits right in the heart of Technology Park. The building is also one of the original buildings in the office park noted Aulbach.

City Hall's address is 147 Technology Parkway. The City Council is planning on holding an open house in October for residents to get a tour of the new office space.

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