Jul 26, 2014

Protecting Your Home Over the Holidays

Good tips if you are traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Protecting Your Home Over the Holidays


Precautions you can take:  traveling

  • Burglars search for homes that appear to be unoccupied. Leave your car in the driveway, set timers for your lights, leave a television on
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery
  • Have a neighbor watch over your home

Burglars want to spend no more than 60 seconds breaking into a home, these could change their minds.

  • Deadbolt locks, pins in locking windows

Don't give burglars any help

  • Clear shrubs and trees to keep windows visible
  • Secure tool sheds and ladders
  • Some thieves use tools to assist them in breaking windows


This first appeared in the Ft. Bragg Patch. The tips are courtesy of the community's Cumberland County Sheriff's Office but we are publishing it as the advice is relevant for any homeowner.

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