15 Sep 2014
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Weird Police News: Found Leg, Pepper Spray and Much More

Unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia.

Weird Police News: Found Leg, Pepper Spray and Much More

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1. The case of the missing leg has been solved. We wrote in last week’s about a child-sized prosthetic found along side a road in Watkinsville that had police wondering what to do to find the owner. Thursday, . Apparently, the leg — a right leg painted black and adorned with planets and stars — may have fallen off the roof while the car was moving. Mom said the prosthesis was missing the shoe.

2. Apparently defending the honor of his wife, a by a man who said he only had a “mutual conversation” with the woman. The victim confronted the man at Little Mulberry Park, alleging that he had made sexually suggestive remarks to his wife. When the man was leaving in his truck, the victim chased him down on his bicycle, and told him not to talk to his wife anymore. He also said he was going to call the police. The man in the truck, saying he thought he was going to be punched, sprayed the man in the face.

3. A Lawrenceville woman thought a nap on the back porch was a good idea. But Gwinnett Police and the owner of the home did not. The woman put two lawn chairs together to take a snooze, but woke up when the police arrived. “What the [expletive] are you doing in my house!” she yelled.  Problem was, the house is in Sugar Hill and she wasn’t the owner.

4(a). From the department of “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” comes this story about a . The man, who was in his car, was convinced by a man in another vehicle about a great deal for the electronic device. They went to a grocery store parking area, where the victim withdrew the money from an ATM. After the thief was paid, he drove away, leaving the man with a FedEx box and an iPad-shaped tile. 

4(b). Funny thing about the above iPad incident: When the victim talked to the cops, he pointed out what he thought was the car driven by the man who stole his money. Police stopped the car, but it wasn’t the suspect. But the driver of the car was busted for marijuana possession.

5. A Dacula man who was stopped and arrested on a charge of soliciting without a permit said he had a backup plan in case he failed in his attempt to make an honest living. If things didn't work out, he told police he would just  The man was arrested after a homeowner reported seeing a man knocking on doors and walking to the backs of the houses. The man, who was on probation, said he was going door-to-door to offer lawn services.

6. Attention shoppers: Watch out for flying drink cans in Aisle 8. We don’t know for sure if such an announcement went out at a Winder grocery store, but it would have been accurate. A dispute that involved three woman escalated when . The store manager broke things up, but when he called the cops, the woman ran out of the store.

7. A report of loud music apparently sent Lilburn Police to a banquet hall recently, but . When police arrived, there was no loud music, but a person outside appeared to have been drinking. Inside, police found beer cans all over the joint. But nobody had a liquor license.

8. Police warned a Dacula man who was involved in a car accident to watch his mouth, . He let out a series of profanity-laced tirades and flipped the bird at officers after they determined he was at fault. The man had crossed a solid double line to pass another car, and then was run off the road, according to the police report. With a preschool open nearby where parents and children were entering and exiting, the man was warned to shut it or be arrested for disorderly conduct. He couldn’t shut it.

9.  at an Athens home, but by whom? Local animal control and code enforcement officials said it wasn’t them, but apparently there was a caller who complained and said if the animals weren’t removed, the complainant would remove them.

10. Now that’s erratic driving! A Hoschton teen hit a curb, almost struck two cars head-on and  before she was pulled over. She admitted to drinking alcohol and taking cold medicine pills.

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