23 Aug 2014
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When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood

Tips on how to make sure you not only buy the right house but the right neighborhood as well.

When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood When You Buy a Home You Buy a Neighborhood

When you are looking for a place to call home you will most likely start with the criteria that would make that home perfect for you.

That is where most people start and it makes sense. However misery will be your friend if you have a home that you love in the middle of a neighborhood you hate.

Where your home is located is just as important as how many bedrooms it has. If you do your homework, and hire an agent who knows the neighborhood or is willing to find out about the neighborhood, then you can prevent future heartache.

Explore the neighborhood! Are you looking for a community with children the same age as your children? Drive through the neighborhood on days the school bus picks up and drops children off. Are you hoping to meet running or cycling friends? Drive through on Saturday morning.

If this is a swim tennis community visit the pool and tennis courts. Pay attention to the condition. Poor condition could reflect an inactive or indifferent homeowners association. Pay attention to entryways and how they are maintained. Pride of ownership is reflected here.

If an active child-friendly community is important to you then ask your agent to find a newsletter or a calendar of events that shows activity in the neighborhood. I would also ask people out walking and people you see with babies why they moved into this neighborhood and how it works for their children. If you are buying in a good school district then you will most likely have child-friendly neighborhoods in the area.

Some people want adult communities and adult activities. You can also learn from their newsletter and from adults our walking. If you are active and love walking, sidewalks will create a walking environment. Look for sidewalks and also look for runners and walkers.

Crime rate and safety are basic to your enjoyment of your new home. Here are tips to find out about crime rate and safety.

     Look to see if there any graffiti in the area
     Talk to the police or sheriff's department.
     Look to see if there are bars on the windows
     Call a local insurance agent and talk to them about where you are looking.

There are websites that provide information on crime rate in a community.
http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/  and mylocalcrime.com are two of them.  

It is also your responsibility to learn about sex predators  in the community. This site will provide information on the neighborhood and block where you are buying.    http://www.georgia-sex-offenders.com

Do this during your due diligence time frame. This is a negotiated time frame that allows you time not only to do inspections but to investigate your home and neighborhood. All of the above are items that are part of your due diligence that you should do before and after your offer is written.

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