Jul 28, 2014
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City Didn't Specifically OK Bright Red Exterior on Canton Street

Mac McGee's was free to choose their exterior paint without oversight from the city of Roswell's Historic Preservation Commission.

City Didn't Specifically OK Bright Red Exterior on Canton Street

The bright red exterior of the soon-to-open new Mac McGee's Irish Pub on Canton Street has come as a surprising color choice for some in Roswell's historic district. But the city's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) had no control over the selection.

The HPC "does not have the ability to regulate a change in paint color because the state enabling legislation - State Preservation Act of 1980 - does not grant us that authority," said Courtney Lankford, a planner with the city of Roswell's Community Development Department.

Despite the city's encouragement for residents and business owners to "use historically appropriate paint colors" on the exterior of buildings, there are no mandated requirements, Lankford told Roswell Patch.

She did say that the HPC reviews the painting of unpainted masonry as it constitutes a change in texture.

"If someone wishes to paint unpainted masonry or make other exterior modifications to a building in the local historic district, they must apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness from the HPC," Lankford said.

The certificates can be approved as a minor or major application; minors are reviewed by city staff and the chair of the HPC, while majors require a full public hearing before the HPC, according to Lankford.

However, since the old Pasti's location was already painted brick, no oversight on its new color selection was needed.

The original Mac McGee's exterior in Decatur is painted the same bright red as the new Roswell location. A representative at the Decatur store said the Roswell restaurant is scheduled to open on March 13.

Roswell Patch has reached out to the Irish pub mangers locally about why they chose the color and we will update the story when they respond.

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