23 Aug 2014
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Local Students Grab Reflections Awards in Roswell

North Fulton students in grades kindergarten through 12th picked up awards at the Teaching Museum North in Roswell for the PTA Reflections competition.

Local Students Grab Reflections Awards in Roswell Local Students Grab Reflections Awards in Roswell Local Students Grab Reflections Awards in Roswell

Parents at the North Fulton Council PTA Reflections Reception on Wednesday afternoon at the Roswell Teaching Museum were fairly bursting with pride.

Awards for literature, visual arts, film, musical composition, dance choreography and photography for each grade level - kindergarten through 12th - were handed out by volunteers for the PTA's nationally sponsored Reflections competition.

The theme this year was “Diversity means …” First, second, third and honorable mention awards went to students throughout North Fulton including Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Sandy Springs. The winners' entries go on to the state finals.

Brent Ingraham of Roswell seemed especially pround of Bretia Ingraham, his daughter, who won first place for musical composition among 12th graders.

Due to her knack for music and performance Bretia attends North Springs High School in Sandy Springs. She won first place among 12th graders in the musical composition category for her song “Be True To Yourself.”

“The song is about all of us being different,” Bretia said, “but all of us coming together and sharing our abilities and skills.”

Her father was especially proud because his daughter is a self-taught pianist and guitarist. She began learning each instrument when she was about 8-years-old. She’d like to go on to become a performer or producer.

Hundreds of students and parents stopped by the teaching museum to pick up awards and check out displays of U.S. presidents and other historical exhibits.

One of the youngest entrants was kindergartener Emma Donnenwerth, who attends Roswell North and won honorable mention in the visual arts category for a book she created.

“It’s been a great experience for her,” said Sandy Donnenwerth, her mother. “I think it helped with her self-confidence.”

Find the full lists of winners below:


GradeNameSchoolK McKenzie Williams Sweet Apple 1 Julia Jothish Shakerag 1 Aidan Witbeck Hembree Springs 1 Grace Chawla 
Shakerag 1 Avery Fawley River Eves 2 Rishi Krishnan Ison Springs 2 Karan Menon Shakerag 3 Pragnya Kumar Cogburn Woods 3 Babalola Awe 
Dunwoody Springs 4 Skyler Clark Woodland 4 Teja Chinta Medlock Bridge 5 Maya Patel Shakerag 5 Marianne Lamarche Hillside 6 Erin Cunningham Crabapple Middle 6 Megha Khosla Elkins Pointe 7 Charlotte Densmore Hopewell 7 Lauren Amaru Holcomb Bridge 8 Emily Simes Taylor Road 8 Allison Wyman Taylor Road 9 Woo Suk Jang Northview 9 Mary Harkins Roswell 10 Anand Srinivasan Roswell 10 Shreya Ganeshan Northview 11 Michelle Maina North Springs 11 Matthew Jordan Johns Creek 12 Sarah Hill Johns Creek 12 Kalin Wilson Centennial

Visual Art

GradeNameSchoolK Casey Shen Wilson Creek K Allison Lopez Centeno High Point 1 Sarah Back Medlock Bridge 1 Pragna Rao Lake Windward 2 Omer Mujawar Barnwell 2 Matthew Kim Findley Oaks 3 Seoyoun Kim Barnwell 3 Joyce Chung Wilson Creek 4 Catherine Shih Findley Oaks 4 Emilie Lin State Bridge Crossing 5 Abigail Williamson State Bridge Crossing 5 Cristina Luo Shakerag 6 Maia Tum River Trail 6 Soo Min Kim River Trail 7 Ashley Tsang Autrey Mill 7 Evelyn Chen Autrey Mill 8 Mishelle Kim River Trail 8 Sarah Wang Autrey Mill 9 Janet Lee Johns Creek 9 Liheng Song Northview 10 Annette Sujo Northview 10 Chase Menna Johns Creek 11 Elishah Lee Johns Creek 11 Carina Cho Johns Creek 12 Cynthia Lee Alpharetta


GradeNameSchoolK Natalie Erickson Alpharetta 1 Jimmy Anderson Hembree Springs 1 Luke Miller Woodland
2 Anna Vescio Lake Windward 2 Abigail Lee State Bridge Crossing 3 Eliza Hitch River Eves 3 Claire Thielens Summit Hills 4 Carly Phares River Eves 4 Rachita Iyer Creekview 5 Nithilan Vincent State Bridge Crossing 5 Nolan Siegel Hillside 6 Cody Killebrew Hopewell 6 Jacob Godwin Hopewell 7 Anav Mittal Webb Bridge 7 Sydney Yang Webb Bridge 8 Riley Burr Northwestern 8 Rachel Miller Sandy Springs 12 Susanna Cong Milton

Musical Composition

GradeNameSchool1 Nylah Hughes Dunwoody Springs 1 Evan Le State Bridge Crossing 2 Anya Shah 30 2 Elizabeth Townsend River Eves 3 Rhea Sridhar Cogburn Woods 3 Annelise Kelly Findley Oaks 4 Lily Olander Barnwell 4 Adrien Michandani Cogburn Woods 5 Navkaran Gill Shakerag 5 Nithilan Vincent State Bridge Crossing 6 Catherine Abely Autrey Mill 6 Megan Haines Elkins Pointe 7 Justice Michael Ridgeview Charter 7 Andrew Liang Autrey Mill 8 Yamini Chavan Northwestern 8 Rae Baker Sandy Springs 9 Aaron Mencher Northview 9 Harsha Sridhar Northview 10 Joshua Tam Johns Creek 10 Nigel Foster-Jones Chattahoochee 12 Bretia Ingraham North Springs 12 Micah David Alpharetta


GradeNameSchoolK Katherine Burkett Medlock Bridge K Alexander Urbanawiz Ocee 1 Tushar Tolani State Bridge 1 Millind Mukkamala Dolvin 2 Cameron Lane-Torrez State Bridge 2 Elizabeth Townsend River Eves 3 Kate Hoben State Bridge 3 Jameson Marshall Barnwell 4 Marley Melrose Summit Hill 4 Lisa O'Brien Hembree Springs 5 Ilana Golomb Findley Oaks
5 Casey Kim Abbotts Hill 6 Mary Koch Hopewell 6 Alaina Booth Haynes Bridge 7 John Stone Crabapple Middle 7 Morgan Alexander Autrey Mill 8 Lydia McGinnis Northwestern 8 Blake Quigley Northwestern 9 Rachel Kim Johns Creek 9 Aneesha Dasari Alpharetta 10 Jonah Blumenthal Riverwood 11 Roxanne Sher Centennial 12 Peyton Fenner Riverwood 12 Jenna Epstein Riverwood

Dance Choreography

GradeNameSchool1 Vyjayanthi Burma Dolvin 1 Allison Traugott Creekview 2 Shivani Patel Wilson Creek 2 Brooke Traugott Creekview 3 Viha Umashankar 
Hembree Springs 3 Bodhana Veevamachaneni Hillside 4 Amanda Young Dolvin 4 Christian DalCerro Mountain Park 5 Anna Zhao Wilson Creek 5 Trinh Bui Cogburn Woods 6 Alexandria Del Rosso Autrey Mill 6 Kate Konieczka Autry Mill 7 Veena Jaipradeep Elkins Pointe 7 Becca Bradley Haynes Bridge 11 Abhanaya Uthayakumar Milton

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