Jul 28, 2014
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Sandy Springs Woman Reports $25,000 Scam After Parking Lot Encounter

Victim's experience may alert others to scam.

Sandy Springs Woman Reports $25,000 Scam After Parking Lot Encounter


According to a police report, a 68-year-old woman told police she forked over $25,000 to a persistent woman on Oct. 12.

The victim said she was approached by a female about 20-years-old in the Fresh Market parking lot while putting items in her car.  The young woman said she found a bag of money and was soon joined by another female. The two convinced the elderly woman that the money should be turned into an attorney’s office at 5505 Roswell Road. [The victim does not want to be identified. When Patch inquired, she declined to say what amount of money was said to be in the bag.]

The victim dropped the 20-year-old at the office but then drove home. The young woman apparently followed the victim home and approached her in the driveway with information from the attorney. She said they could split the so-called found money but the victim would have to put up some funds first according to the attorney.

The victim said she refused but the young woman’s persistence frightened her so she drove to two Suntrust branches and withdrew $10,000 and $15,000. She gave the $25,000 to the young female and drove her back to the attorney’s office.

The victim told police she was in fear because the young woman knows where she lives.

Read Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose's blog on this type of scam.

Steve Rose says this type of scam is commonly referred to as "pigeon drop" or "found money." He wrote: "The victim, ususally a senior citizen, is approached (always) by a female. She has found a bag of money next to the victim's car. 'Is it yours?' "

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