Jul 28, 2014
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Man Arrested for Brazen Robbery at Perimeter Mall

Police say a man snatched an iPad from a woman at Perimeter Mall. She chased him down, and he agreed to give her the device if she would not call Dunwoody Police.

Man Arrested for Brazen Robbery at Perimeter Mall


Nearby Sandy Springs: A man was arrested Monday night for a brazen robbery at Perimeter Mall that he apparently didn't think all the way through.

Dunwoody Police suspect Kyle Leonard Williams, 18, of snatching an iPad from a Roswell woman at the mall and then running off.

The woman reportedly chased Williams into the parking lot where his get-away-ride … was not waiting.

Williams, from Valpraiso, Ind., then told the woman that he would give her back her computer tablet if she didn't call police, police said.

But, it ended up, there was no room for negotiation. Police had already arrived and then arrested the man.

Williams is suspected of battery and robbery.

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