Jul 28, 2014
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Several Car Break-ins Reported

23 car break-ins were reported in less than a week. Separately a man reported to Sandy Springs Police that his 2004 Dodge Ram Truck was stolen.

Several Car Break-ins Reported


Twenty-three thefts from vehicles were reported to Sandy Springs Police, last week. At least six occurred along Roswell Road. Other locations included Crosstree Lane, Johnson Ferry Road, Northland Drive, Concourse Parkway, Hunter’s Knoll, Old Creek Trail and several other areas.

Separately, on Jan. 14, a man reported that his 2004 Dodge Ram Truck was stolen. 

Sandy Springs Crime Prevention Officer Larry Jacobs has encouraged motorists to remove belongings from vehicles. In a Patch blog he wrote: 

When it comes to ease of the crime: It literally takes seconds to break a side window, reach in and steal the stuff out of your car. In many cases, a car alarm does not help because the door is never opened, which needs to happen in order for the alarm to be activated.

See: Larry Jacob's blog on keeping vehicles safe from car thieves.

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