Jul 29, 2014

Women's Networking Event - Over 40 Females

Women's Networking Event - Over 40 Females
Over 40 Females - Monthly Networking Event

Join us for Networking, Nibbles and Nourishment for the Mind 
with a our guest speaker, Julia Kline, best-selling author of "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sleaze Free Selling" as she shares how to transform your business (and your life) from the inside out.
See invitation for details.

Who is Over 40 Females and why should you join us? Over 40 Females supports women over 40 who are in transition, going through a re-invention. re-building their lives professionally or personally and/or want to network with other successful women entrepreneurs. The ways we do this is by connecting them with other like-minded women, providing them constant resources through our experts with teleseminars, educational videos and more, offering them unique ways to promote their businesses or careers and giving them a place to come where everyone feels like extended family – a place where women over 40 finally belong.


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