23 Aug 2014
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Smyrna Man Likely Saves Swimmer from Drowning

A Smyrna man helped save a New York swimmer from drowning off St. Pete Beach in Florida.

Smyrna Man Likely Saves Swimmer from Drowning

Authorities credit a Smyrna man with saving the life of a New York man who became tired while swimming off the shore of a Florida beach.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says James DiFrancesco, 29, of Smyrna heard cries for help Tuesday evening and saw Terry Strecker, 66, go under water several times. Strekcer was about 100 yards off the shore of St. Pete Beach, according to WTSP.

DiFrancesco’s wife called 911 while he helped the struggling swimmer back to shore.

Deputies told the Associated Press that if DiFrancesco had not heard Strecker's cries, the New Yorker could have drowned off the isolated beach.

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