Jul 26, 2014

Huffington Post, Patch Remember 9/11

Across our company, we've captured 911 short profiles to honor this day.

Huffington Post, Patch Remember 9/11 Huffington Post, Patch Remember 9/11

Millions of people across the country were affected by the 9/11 attacks. Some experienced the tragic loss of a loved one, some found an inspiring way to help those who were grieving, and others experienced a political awakening. 

To help reflect the endless diversity of their experiences, Patch and Huffington Post looked out across our sites to pull together 911 snapshots of everyday Americans whose lives were changed by the events of that day.

From across the country, and hundreds of others captured the faces, keepsakes, memorials, ceremonies, flags, fund-raisers, deployments and the still-raw emotions that followed the attacks.

Taken together they create a powerful mosaic that is large in scope but often deeply personal. Click through to see how your neighbors near and far marked the day. (In Snellville, we featured James Williams, Snellville UMC music minister, for this special remembrance. It is posted in the Huffington Post gallery on the 15th page of profiles.)

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