21 Aug 2014
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Letter to the Editor: 'Snellville, the Divided City'

This poem was read by Claudette Forbes during the Jan. 28 council meeting.

Letter to the Editor: 'Snellville, the Divided City'

(Editor's note: this poem was sent to the editor by Claudette Forbes. She originally read it during the public comment portion of the Jan. 28 Snellville City Council Meeting. The views expressed are not representative of Patch.)

Snellville - The Divided City

I love this city, as I have said before
And plan to stay here until I am no more
The open pastures, peace and tranquility
Invited me to Snellville city.

Sometimes I go to City Hall
Listen to the Mayor and the Councilors all
To see how the city is being run
Meet my neighbors and have a little fun.

But alas! The Council is divided.
They oppose each other, they are not united.
It is four against two most of the way
Been that way since the very first day.

The Mayor, some say, should not have any power.
The Council is the majority, lets change the charter
Then we can hire and fire, it does not matter.
But hey! this is America, not Westminster.

We didn't vote for you to change the charter,
We voted for you to work together.
We elected the Mayor and the Councilors too.
So get it together, all of you.

We should be mindful of the  path we pave
On which others may walk who are not of our wave.
Politics by nature is hard to predict
You might one day live to regret it.

Snellville is not your private property.
You were elected to govern, you are not the almighty
We want you all to work together,
But instead, you are trying to grab power.

This division is tearing our city apart
It is grinding our nerves and hurting our hearts.
Snellville is too small for this type of fight.
For the love of God, please, make it right.

At nights before I go to bed
I go on my knees and bow my head.
And pray to God to show the way
To unite Snellville in a positive way.

So come on folks, let's stop to remember
We are not here to live forever
Let's reach out and hug each other
To hell with politics, let's make Snellville better.

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