Jul 29, 2014

Bites Nearby: The Commons Restaurant

Patch's weekly look at a nearby restaurant that you might want to check out.

is within , which requires either an annual parking pass ($35) or a daily parking pass ($10) to enter. Learn more about Stone Mountain Park's parking passes here.

You can't beat the wonderful scenery surrounding this restaurant. In one direction, Stone Mountain looms across the lake; in another, the perfect green grass of the golf course blankets the landscape. Look down near the water, you may be lucky enough to see turtles, ducks and geese relaxing on the rocks.

The food wait was a little on the long side, but since this was my second time there, I knew it would be well worth it (my teen and my preschool child would have appreciated an appetizer, though -- next time).

When my son placed his order, he asked for no mayo and no tomato on his chicken sandwich ($11). The waiter said that was no problem.

The food arrived, and this beautiful sandwich (one of the heartiest I've seen, with a very generous portion of chicken) had a glob of mayo and slice of tomato on it. I encouraged him to send it back, but he didn't want to wait any longer. So he removed as much as he could and moved on.

My youngest ordered a burger and fruit from the kids' lunch menu, and it must have been delicious, because she devoured it.

I had no issues at all about my food. The Commons crab bisque ($6) was creamy and delicious, and there was absolutely no skimping on the crab meat. The fried grouper sandwich ($13) was, as my oldest says, "on point." It was crispy, the meat was light and flaky, the remoulade sauce gave it a lovely kick. I happen to love tomatoes, and they went together very nicely with this sandwich.

While I didn't mind the food wait so much, I wasn't sure why it took several minutes to get attention during other parts of our experence - namely, getting seated and having our orders taken. The restaurant wasn't full at all.

At least when the host and the waiter did come by, they were very courteous and friendly. There's nothing worse than getting tardy and surly service at a restaurant, so we were grateful that everyone had positive attitudes.

A restaurant that has such amazing views and delicious fare is definitely worth repeat visits. Perhaps they were just a bit short-staffed the day we went.

The Commons Restaurant is located at 1145 Stonewall Jackson Drive inside Stone Mountain Park on the golf course.

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