Jul 29, 2014
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Commissioner District 7

Commissioner District 7

Editor's Note: The following is a press release from the campaign to elect Gregory Adams as DeKalb County Commissioner.

I am Gregory Adams and people have asked me why I am running. The answer is very simple, someone needs to bring DeKalb County out of Political Corruption and let the voters be the leaders again. When I went and sat with the cityhood groups I asked them why, they all said corruption in county government isn't looking like it'll get fixed anytime soon. So I'm stepping up and walking the neighborhoods telling everyone I can be that one person that helps to change and unite DeKalb. I’ve never been elected to an office but I understand what needs to happen, get rid of the professional politicians that use their position as there only job. And pass legislation to make the Ethics board an independent county agency. So it’s free to investigate CEO’s, commissioners, and other county officials without influence or budgetary controls. Then create transparency in how money and contracts are handled throughout the county.

When I’m elected I will still continue the monthly legislator breakfasts throughout DeKalb County so voters can get answers and be a part of the vast community we call DeKalb.

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