Jul 29, 2014

[VIDEO] Expressions in Black and White

Artist Bill Leavell of Bill Leavell Studios in Stone Mountain Village captures emotions through his circle shade technique.

[VIDEO] Expressions in Black and White [VIDEO] Expressions in Black and White

Bill Leavell can capture vivid emotions in black and white.

Leavell, who's located in the Center Town Gallery in Stone Mountain Village (951-A Main Street), recently completed a portrait of City of Stone Mountain mayor Pat Wheeler. He's also drawn producer Jack Sartain and celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Angelina Jolie.

Leavell's technique is called "circle shade." As intricate and time-consuming as it looks, he said he can often finish a piece in a day or less.

He's inspired by people's emotions, especially in the eyes (see video) - that's clear from his provocative work.

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