15 Sep 2014
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Meeting Notes: City Council Reviewing Dog Park Rules

Work session was held Tuesday, March 20.

Meeting Notes: City Council Reviewing Dog Park Rules

The Stone Mountain city council is reviewing a set of , which had its first reading last November before the council voted to close the city's dog park.

Red Dog Park from its current location at Third and Poole Streets.

The council will revisit adding the rules and regulations (Sub-section 19-1.1) to its parks and recreation code of ordinances at its April 3 regular business meeting:

The following rules and regulations are applicable to all designated dog parks within the corporate limits of the City and their purpose is to provide for orderly use of City dog parks to ensure public health, safety and the general welfare to the residents of the City.

1. Park users, dog owners and dog handlers assume all risk related to use of the dog park.

2. Each dog owner or dog handler is legally and financially responsible for the actions of their dog or dogs in the dog park.

3. Dogs must at all times be under the control of a responsible adult and obedient to the owner's or handler's commands.

4. No aggressive dogs are allowed in the dog park. "Aggressive dog" means any animal that constitutes a physical threat to persons or other animals of such severity as to cause physical injury.

5. Dogs that bark excessively or dogs that become aggressive must be leashed and removed from the dog park immediately.

6. Children younger than 12 years of age are not allowed inside the off-leash dog exercise area of the dog park unless accompanied by an adult. Children under 6 years of age are prohibited in the dog park.

7. Dogs under six (6) months of age, un-neutered male dogs and female dogs in heat shall not be permitted in the dog park.

8. Dogs must be legally licensed, have current vaccinations and shall wear a visible license tag.

9. Choke, prong, pinch and spike dog collars must be removed from the dog once inside the fenced area of the dog park.

10. The dog owner or dog handler must carry a leash or lead at all times while in the dog park.

11. Dogs must never be left unattended.

12. Animal waste must be removed immediately and deposited in suitable containers.

13. Dog owners and dog handlers must stop dogs from digging and must fill any hole created by their dog(s).

14. There is a limit of three (3) dogs per visit per dog owner or dog handler.

15. No food, drinks, or dog chews are allowed within the fenced area of the dog park.

16. No littering is allowed in the dog park.

17. Climbing on or over the fencing in the dog park is not permitted.

18. The City Public Works Department shall have the authority to close access to the dog park for the purpose of maintenance, weather related occurrences and for special events.

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