21 Aug 2014
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Online Reference Tools, via GCPS

All types of references available for students are online for all to use.

Online Reference Tools, via GCPS

 Updated, Aug. 8

Everyone knows that education has joined the digital era, and the Gwinnett County school system is no exception.

In 2012, the system has implemented eCLASS, a program that will phase in all-digital learning in classrooms. And online instruction already is common in some areas.

Also, the Gwinnett County Pubic Schools website offers a fascinating resource. It's aimed at students, but as a public feature, it also can be useful for the taxpayers that foot the bill for the system.

New Georgia Encyclopedia? Science In Context? World Book Advanced? Federal government info? Online newspaper websites? Those and more references are there.

So hang onto this Suwanee Patch feature, and share it with others. Let us know in the comments what you find most useful.

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