23 Aug 2014
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LIVE VIDEO: Red Bull Stratos Jump Re-Attempt Set for Oct. 14

A world-record free fall attempt is now set for Sunday morning.

UPDATED 7:59 a.m. : There is a weather delay, and launch is now set for 10 a.m. Eastern time Sunday, according to @redbullstratos on Twitter.


A former military parachutist and skydiver will make another attempt Sunday (Oct. 14) to set a world record for free fall, in the stratosphere above New Mexico.

Weather permitting, Felix Baumgartner will ascend in a special helium balloon, then make a free fall from 120,000 feet. The launch is set for 10 a.m Eastern time.

The first attempt on Oct. 9 was scrubbed due to high winds.

According to media reports, Baumgartner's jump would break the previous record of 102,800 feet (19 miles) by more than 17,000 feet. Baumgartner would also become the first human being to break the sound barrier during a skydive.

-- The livestream can be watched at www.redbullstratos.com or on YouTube. NOTE: The video appears to be on a delayed basis.

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