Jul 28, 2014
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SpaceX Launch May Be Visible in East on Oct. 7 (VIDEO)

The latest private shuttle mission is scheduled to launch at 8:35 p.m.

SpaceX Launch May Be Visible in East on Oct. 7 (VIDEO)

OK, stargazers and spaceniks, there's another event to keep you happy on Sunday, (Oct. 7).

SpaceX, the privately funded California-based space exploration company that took up where the Space Shuttle left off, will launch the Dragon 9 capsule again on Sunday (8:35 p.m.) from Cape Canaveral in Florida, weather permitting.

And if weather cooperates, the launch could be visible on the East Coast, according to space.com.

According to Voice of America, Sunday's mission is the first under a $1.6 billion contract between SpaceX and NASA that calls for 12 resupply flights in the coming years.

The latest launch will see Dragon tethered to the space station for most of October. Plans call for astronauts to fill the capsule with blood and urine samples and other experiments for the return flight.

The samples have been stored in space station freezers since the last space shuttle flight in July 2011.

-- Also, a link to NASA's live streaming channel on ustream.tv is here.

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