23 Aug 2014
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SPEAK OUT: Do You Like Tilted Kilt?

The eatery has a new Suwanee location, and already controvery is afoot. Share your thoughts.

SPEAK OUT: Do You Like Tilted Kilt?

The controversy started as soon as the restaurant opened in mid-March.

This comment about the was posted on Facebook: 

"Are Suwanee residents happy to have a Tilted Kilt (a Hooters wannabe) restaurant coming in the midst of our family-friendly area?? How, exactly, can you explain the outfits (plaid push up bras & tiny 'kilts' that look like a music video version of an extremely overdeveloped and oversexed private school girl) to our children?"

-- What are your thoughts on Tilted Kilt? Tell us in the comments below.

The restaurant chain's distinctive feature, of course, is its female servers, who are dressed in Scottish-themed outfits that empasize cleavage. Also, the garb exposes midriffs.

"A cold beer never looked so good," the website reads.

So the question remains: How DO you feel about the restaurant setting up in this area (it's outside the city limits)? The chain already has locations in Johns Creek and near the Mall of Georgia, but now it has a Suwanee address also.

Do you find it offensive? Demeaning to women? Or is the controversy overblown? Tell us in the comments.

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