Jul 29, 2014

Crime 'Hot Spot' in Tucker

A residential neighborhood is being targeted by criminals.

Crime 'Hot Spot' in Tucker

The intersection of Fellowship and Idlewood roads is seeing a rash of crimes lately, according to local resident Laurence Starr.

"There is a new hot spot in our subdivision," Starr said in an email sent to neighbors. He then listed a number of reported crimes that have taken place in the area since July, including cases of aggravated assault with a knife, simple battery, damage to property, robbery, and larceny.

"There were three attacks on people at this intersection all between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.," Starr said, adding that he and his wife are spending more time on their carport around those hours to watch for suspicious people and activity.    

"Pay attention to your surroundings and people around you," he advised. "If you feel something is out of order, leave the area and call the police."

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