Jul 26, 2014

DeKalb Senate Delegation to Meet on Schools

Tuesday's agenda will include discussion on creating an independent ethics review board.

DeKalb Senate Delegation to Meet on Schools

Senator Emanuel Jones (D-District 10) is considering writing legislation that would create an independent ethics review board, similar to SACS but without the obvious conflicts of interests that exist when a private company is paid in order to help a system maintain its accreditation. The board would have the ability to hear evidence regarding violations of school board ethical standards and, if necessary, to actually remove or suspend board members and/or the Superintendent if necessary.

If you support the creation of such a board, please plan to attend this meeting in person to voice your concerns to Sen. Jones and the other members of the DeKalb Senate Delegation so that they may take the needed steps to move forward on this proposed action. Any personal accounts of troubles related to ethics violations by the DeKalb BOE or Superintendent may be requested if time permits on the speaking agenda, which has not yet been announced. 

The meeting is Tuesday, Jan 8 at 10 a.m. The location will be announced shortly.

There will be a Q & A time period at the end of the meeting, if time remains after hearing from any speakers and the subsequent dialogue between the Senators. Representation from Get the Cell Out - Atlanta will be in attendance at this meeting and will provide a full report on our website later and on Tucker Patch.

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