Jul 28, 2014

Local 7 Burglary Leaves Bloody Mess

Early morning break-in creates a nasty scene at the popular eatery.

Local 7 Burglary Leaves Bloody Mess

Burglars broke into Main Street's Local No. 7 Restaurant in the middle of the night and got away with little more than a wide screen television set, but they left a messy trail of blood in their wake.

A police report states that in the early hours of Nov. 12, thieves smashed a side door's glass with a large rock and gained entry to the restaurant.

Once inside, they knocked over a stack of beer bottles and ripped a television set off the wall, creating a large hole.

The report says police found "a substantial amount of blood in multiple places, including another TV, menus, and a liquor cabinet." 

There was also a blood trail of small droplets leading out the side door, down the side walk and across Railroad Avenue, police said.

Tucker C.I.D. Detective Stubbs responded to the scene and took D.N.A samples and photographs. The investigation continues.

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