Jul 29, 2014

Tucker Business Leaders Start CID Campaign

A Community Improvement District is being established for the Tucker area.

Tucker Business Leaders Start CID Campaign

A coalition of Tucker business and property owners are kicking off the Tucker Community Improvement District (CID) on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

The Bank of North Georgia, at 5100 LaVista Road in Tucker, will host the event at 10:30 a.m. as several prominent business owners sign the necessary papers to begin the process of establishing a CID.

“A CID would give us the funding source needed to change our area into a thriving activity center that provides positive economic development and supports the lifelong community that is Tucker,” said Honey Van de Kreke, Vice President of Elrep Sales in Tucker. “It costs the residential taxpayers nothing, and it is the best alternative to forming a city.”

Forming the Tucker CID will enhance the economic vitality of Tucker’s business district by strengthening the area’s role as the center of commercial activity and opportunity. CID seed funding allows for planning studies, design and background work. In addition to leveraging their funds with federal and local government monies, the Tucker CID will allow community leaders to chart a course they determine for the area’s economic growth and lasting vitality.

“This CID will give private property owners the ability to make improvements in the area surrounding our property,” said Bill Rosenfeld, president of the Tucker Business Association. “Other areas like the Perimeter CID and Stone Mountain CID have already proven that this concept works. Our board supports it and I do as well.”

Community Improvement Districts (CID) defined:
A geographically defined district in which commercial property owners vote to impose a self-tax. This is set as a portion of the property tax and the millage rate is set by the commercial property owners. The proposed amount is 3 mils.  Formation is completed with a majority of area property owners signing an agreement to become members. For more information on the Tucker CID and how to become a member, go to this website or call Alan Judd at 678-123-4567.

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