23 Aug 2014
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Father of Two Shot by Teen Not Angry with Shooter

Jamie Pruitt is recovering a gunshot wound to the chest after he tried to break up a brawl near Stone Mountain. He says the teenage shooter was goaded by his peers to shoot.

Father of Two Shot by Teen Not Angry with Shooter

Police say they have an idea who shot a father of two as he tried to break up a fight between groups of teens near Stone Mountain, and officers have arrested two teens in the case.
Officers have charged Johnathan Grant and Devin Fyfe, both 17, with aggravated assault surrounding Monday’s shooting of Jamie Pruitt, reports WSB TV.
Authorities say Pruitt tried to break up the brawl his nephew was in on To Lani Farm Road near Stone Mountain. Several teens got guns and one of them shot Pruitt in the chest.  

Officers say Grant and Fyfe opened fire but didn't shoot Pruitt. They hope to arrest the shooter soon. 
"We're in the process right now of identifying him. We have an idea of who he may be," Lt. Antonio Catlin of the DeKalb County Police Department told the TV station.     
Pruitt says his assailant didn't want to shoot him, but succumbed to peer pressure to pull the trigger. 
"The pressure of hearing other guys saying, 'Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him,''' Pruitt said.
His wife says the gunman needs to know he almost destroyed her family. 
"You could have taken somebody's life. Right now he's still fighting for his life," Naterra Pruitt said.
Jamie Pruitt is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital; he was shot in the chest.

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