Jul 30, 2014

Gunman Confronts Couple on Drewry Street

The husband and wife were headed out on their morning walk.

Gunman Confronts Couple on Drewry Street


The Morningside Lenox Park Neighborhood Association sent out a safety alert to residents Tuesday morning after a Virginia Highland couple was confronted at gunpoint around 6:30 a.m.

The couple was headed out on their morning walk in the 700 block of Drewry Street when the incident happened.

The following narrative is taken from the incident report shared in the Neighborhood Association's alert:

The victims told Atlanta police that three males approached the couple’s residence as the couple walked away. The husband told police he initially thought the group was following him and his wife, and the two decided to double back to their house, where their young daughters had remained by themselves.

The husband said he found one of the trio coming from the rear side of the home, and as he approached him, two other young men approached. One of the three demonstrated a black 9mm caliber handgun, and demanded the couple’s keys.

The husband threw the keys into the lawn. After picking up the keys, the perpetrator walked away in the direction of Ponce De Leon Place, followed by the other two suspects.

The couple’s daughters were inside the home during the incident. They reported that one of the men rang the doorbell constantly, but the girls did not open the door.

There were no injuries reported in this incident.

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