21 Aug 2014
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Letter from Former Inman Principal Bockman

"Excited" about new opportunity

Letter from Former Inman Principal Bockman

Inman Parents:

Many of you have heard the news that I will be   At Monday night’s Board meeting I was named to the position of interim Executive Director for School Reform Team 3.  I am excited about this new challenge and the opportunity to broaden the scope of my work to do all I can to assist all the schools in the SRT3 cluster (, , , Centennial, Hill-Hope, Cook, Burgess-Peterson,  Toomer, East Lake, Whitefoord, Parkside, King, , and Coan).

I have been a principal for 15 years so it is hard to  think about doing anything else.  I have just finished my 8thyear at Inman so it is really hard to even think about being any other place. 

I will continue my close affiliation with Inman this year though because my oldest daughter will be entering 6thgrade.  Pity the teachers who have her on their team as now they will have the daughter of the former principal and current Executive Director!  Pressure!  I will be with Inman a long time because there are many more Bockman children to come.  And as my appointment is “interim” I may very well be back as principal of this terrific place at some point.

While it certainly was a dark day last week when “the report” was released I feel in so many ways we can now move forward, deal with the information, make changes, and come out on the other side.   I am sure there will be many difficult situations to come but it is a relief just to be able to gain  a little clarity and move out from under the dark clouds.  The tension and stress this past year has been tremendous but I have felt a noticeable difference just in the past 3 days.  Decisions are being made, people are coming together, and real input is being sought.  Today I visited twoof the three year round schools that opened today and everything was organized, students and teachers were engaged, parents seemed satisfied, buses ran, meals were being served—just looked like a normal school day.  I am glad I could see that so that I remember that our core business continues and that the sky is not falling.  No one would ever accuse me of being a Pollyanna but I am optimistic that much of the worst is behind us. 

Enough about me…what is next for Inman?  The interim principal for Inman will be Paula Herrema who has been serving as Assistant Principal for almost two years.  This will ensure continuity, organization, consistency, and experience for the Inman community.  Paula has vast leadership experience, has been a principal in two different schools, and I have complete confidence that all will be fine and that Inman will continue to thrive as it has for many years.  The team we have built over the years, instructional and operational, also ensures that Inman’s high standards, expectations, and service will continue.

I appreciate all the emails of support and congratulations over the past few days.  I will savor these as I am sure there will be a few rocky days ahead as we tackle the challenges. 

I am in and out of Inman the next week as I complete tasks and projects in anticipation of Inman beginning its 90th year of operation!!!  1922-2012

Best wishes,


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