23 Aug 2014
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Tips for Getting Ready for Black Friday

The following five tips will help you navigate Black Friday while keeping your sanity and feelings of good cheer.

Tips for Getting Ready for Black Friday


Black Friday is a bargain hunter’s dream starting at the crack of dawn (or even the night before).

As much fun as it may be, Black Friday can also be stressful and not for the faint of heart. The following five tips will help you navigate the day while keeping your sanity and feelings of “Good Cheer."

1. Make a game plan that includes a shopping list and budget. It should include names, sizes and preferences of those you give gifts to along with the amount you plan to spend on each. Do a comparison shop online at one of the many Black Friday websites such as blackfriday.com prior to shopping and find out what, when and where the great deals will be. Prioritize the stores you plan to visit and write them down from most important to least important. If you have to battle the masses, you want to make sure it’s worth it.

2. Eat a hearty breakfast before shopping. It will be a very long day if there are really good sales out there and you need the energy to navigate the crowds. After each purchase, jot down the gift name and price under the recipient’s name. Taking few minutes to do this will save you from overbuying for one and leaving someone out.

3. Get in the right frame of mind. This is probably the most valuable suggestion on the list because stress or anger while shopping will kill the holiday spirit fast. Mentally prepare for the lines, the limited parking—the general chaos of the day. Be determined to stay in the holiday spirit no matter who cuts in ahead of you or how long you have to wait at the register. Expect it.

4. Save your receipts in one place. I always bring along a small coupon holder to hold both coupons and receipts for my purchases.

5. Bring the sales ads from the stores you will be visiting. Doing so will help you make sure you get exactly what you had in mind. Plus, most retailers have price matching policies and can save you from multiple trips to local retailers with similar merchandise.

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