23 Aug 2014
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Turner to Donate $1M to Gorilla Fund

Money will help save endangered gorillas in eastern Congo

Turner to Donate $1M to Gorilla Fund

Ted Turner will donate $1 million to Atlanta-based Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, he announced Wednesday night an event at the

The Fossey Fund based at Zoo Atlanta helps save endangered gorillas in eastern Congo.

"It comes down to this: every single gorilla counts; every single person counts in protecting the gorillas; and every single dollar counts in supporting the work to protect the gorillas," Turner said in a statement.

"When we lose one species – as we do too frequently in our over-crowded, over-polluted world, we lose part of ourselves. I can’t think of a more important effort than protecting our world, our globe, our environment – and that includes protecting those who inhabit it, including the gorillas of Africa."

Read more about the Fossey Fund on the group’s website.

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