Jul 30, 2014

Neal Holds Seat; Wizner Defeats Bevirt

The only change coming to Powder Springs' legislative body following Tuesday's elections will be in the at-large Post 2 seat.

Neal Holds Seat; Wizner Defeats Bevirt Neal Holds Seat; Wizner Defeats Bevirt

Following Tuesday’s elections, Rosalyn Neal will hold her at-large Post 1 council seat for her second four-year term, while newcomer Chris Wizner will join the council under Post 2.

Neal, 70, who previously ran her own transportation company, gained 55 percent of the vote (unofficial vote totals are at the end of this article). Her opponent was newcomer Rick Perry, who is retired from sales and insurance.

“I just appreciate their vote, I mean I really do,” Neal told Patch late Tuesday, “and I wish my opponent all the luck in the world.”

Recognizing that the “next four years are going to be rough,” Neal said she looks to her second term as a time for bridge repairs, the completion of the cultural arts center at the , the renovation of the old police station for court services, and hopefully, the hiring of an economic development staff member.

“There are just a lot of things that I’d like to be on-hand for,” she said.

Noting that most of the political badmouthing this election season didn’t concern her, Neal said she’s still glad to see it over with.

“I’ve never seen such ugliness in a race. … I am disappointed in the way some of these citizens acted,” she said.

Wizner, a 49-year-old family physician at , defeated three-term Councilman Tom Bevirt, 65 to 35 percent. Wizner previously served on the Powder Springs Planning and Zoning Commission for 13 years, with the last six as chair. 

“It’s a great feeling, and I hope we can do some great things over the next four years,” he told Patch. “I think it’s great that the citizens believed in me enough to elect me and that I can do a good job for them.”

Wizner said he was surrounded by family and friends when the totals were announced.

“For the first time I’ve ever ran for anything publically,” he said, “it was kind of neat to win.

Pat Vaughn: 805 (54.76%)

L. Rick Richardson: 439 (29.86%)

Paul Moore: 224 (15.24%)

Write-in: 2 (.14%)

At-Large Post 1

Rosalyn Neal: 769 (55.13%)

Rick Perry: 624 (44.73%)

Write-in: 2 (.14%)

At-Large Post 2

Chris Wizner: 921 (64.59%)

Tom Bevirt: 503 (35.27%)

Write-in: 2 (.14%)

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